Stylon 612 solid is the most suitable product for cosmetic application, in particular in diameters comprehended between 0,064mm (2,5 mils) and 0,303mm (12 mils). The excellent performances of the raw material are transferred in the final product that keeps its characteristics in any environment and guarantees a long life to the cosmetic applicator.
Available in all the colours of catalogue.

Sales Specifications
Raw material: Polyamide 612
Section: Solid
Diameter: 0,064 – 0,20 mm
Available colours: All colour of catalogue
Hank wrapping material Paper, Plastic
Bundle diameter: 50 mm ± 2 mm
Cut bundles length: 16 mm¸ 1440 mm
Technical specifications
Specific weight Kg/m3 1060
Melting point °C 218
Water absorption % 3
Humidity absorption % 1,2
Loss of stiffness (wet) % 30
Suggested maximum service temperature °C MAX 120
°C MIN -40
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