Industrial application Family Products

  • Filaments for Industrial brushes
  • Filaments for Industrial brushes
  • Filaments for Industrial brushes

The three main product lines that STP has make available in order to meet more specific technical requiremnts of this market are described in the following paragraphs.

Polyamide filaments
They are characterized by high level of mechanical performances and by very good resistance to chemicals components . The Polyamide products come in different Polymeric configurations with their own characteristics :
PA6 – PA66 – PA612 – PA 610 – PA11.( see Filament Specifications)

Polyester filaments
In alternative to the more expensive 6.12 Polyester filaments can be the right solution to avoid water absorption and an ideal choice to protect against an aggressive chemical environment.( see Filament Specifications)

Polypropilene filaments
These filaments are low cost but less resistant to chemical components and reach less  mechanical performances than PA, furthermore they are low resistance to abrasion. STP supplies PP filament only with double stabilization in order to enhance the performances of this kind of polymer.( see Filament Specifications)


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