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The presence of STP in the Oral Care market represents a longstanding tradition (over 30 years) and  a growing business that currently represents most of the business  of the overall production of the Company. Moreover in 2006, huge investments and innovative processes  to maintain high quality filament standards were introduced to allow us to increase our competitiveness in the range of  toothbrushes and to increase our  market presence in the global market.

Both  for Tufted and Anchorless technologies very strict filaments tolerances are required (i.e  filament and bundle diameter, lubrication, colour, cut length precision, filament packaging, etc.). In a few words, no defects are permitted.

Within this highly  competitive  market, STP has been manufacturing  filaments for both manual and electric toothbrushes.

Since electric toothbrushes are manufactured by cutting edge,  highly automated and  fast machinery , correct lubrication  and a restricted diameter and length  tolerance are strictly required.

In addition,  we also make available customized  filaments packaging to match our Clients automated machinery requirements.

However, we will continue to make investments  in our production technology to keep  up with the ever evolving innovation processes and thanks to our “ time to market record”  meet our service customer requirements.




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