Company profile

STP S.r.l was founded in 1976 with the goal of developing high quality synthetic mono-filaments for brushes of different market sectors.

The Company is supported by a longstanding  and consolidated shareholder Team that has business interests in a group of  SME Companies and a Partnership with LOSON S.r.l. that manufactures products in CFRP (Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer) for  Aerospace, Nautical and Industrial sectors.

The Shareholder Team has the financial capabilities of self-financing the required investments to boost STP business. The Company Initially focused on filaments for industrial brush solutions, has rapidly become a market leader in providing Synthetic mono-filaments for manufacturing toothbrushes for the leading multinational companies in the Oral Care market.

STP over the years has improved its expertise to manage complex and innovative projects concerning extrusion processes of polymeric structures, nowadays it features an Integrated Information System to real-time control of batch and production processes,  in order to obtain the highest filament quality and to provide the highest level of customer services.

Further investments in production plants, in photovoltaic systems and in a testing laboratory, were then made to increase production capability, to reduce power consumption costs and to test products and maintain high quality standards,  with the ultimate goal of meeting the most demanding requirements typical of high range quality of anchor-less toothbrushes.

With its expertise of production processes and production planning, STP analyses your requirements and rapidly transforms them into a customized end-user products (filaments)  with one of the most competitive times to market .

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