” do research into polymer extrusion processes to obtain excellence in quality and time to market and to be a market driver of synthetic mono-filaments tailored for Oral Care, Body Care, Household, Industrial and Special Applications markets, focusing on customer requirements “

E is the key

Experience: we have been working with extrusion processes of polymeric structures for over 40 years maintaining high qualitystandards and high Customer Satisfaction.

Engineering: we have the competences and many years experience to set up the best  production process strictly tailored to achieve the best quality for any specific polymeric material (PA, PBT, PP)

Efficiency: our organization  and the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) information systems allow us to control the run-time processes and give an immediate reply to any queries regarding delivery time or orders to our Clients

Excellence: is a statement included in our Mission and it  applies across the entire organization,  furthermore, as  manufacturer, our philosophy is to have zero Conformity Complaints .

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