Industrial Application general features

  • Filaments for Industrial applications
  • Filaments for Industrial applications
  • Strip Brush-Kindly provided by Spazzolificio Bustese

Filaments in the Industrial Market must meet  very different requirements regarding  mechanical behavior such as stiffness, bend recovery  to longstanding performance and chemical and abrasion resistance.

STP has thus made available a wide range of filaments to meet all requirements of manufacturing Roller brushes, Round brushes, Strip brushes for cleaning, transporting, sealing, structuring, polishing .

STP industrial brush filaments are  developed between the collaboration with our Clients and our technical team which enables the company to offer a fast turn-key service on any prototype products and development processes.

In order to be more specific and focused on technical aspects,  STP  has developed three different product lines of synthetic mono-filaments performing run-time consistent diameter control and a high level of product stabilization throughout specific and multiple production processes such as those with specific thermic life cycles  :

They are in compliance with RoHs directives and they come with different characteristics :

  • Diameters : from 0,076 mm (3 mils) up to 3 mm (13 mils)
  • Sections : round  , x profile, flagged
  • Polymer materials :  PA 6, PA 6.6, PA 6.10, PA 6.12,  PBT, PP
  • Customized (special additives integration) as CACo3, conductive, anti static, heat stabilized, FDA approved grades
  • Special treatments : flagged, waved
  • ( See Waved Filament Scheme )




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