Bristles for House-hold

  • House Hold Tool Filaments
  • Broom Filaments

Just because two products may look similar, does not necessarily mean they are. What makes the difference is the type of filaments we choose  to use to manufacture cleaning tools. When you choose your filaments for house cleaning brooms or brushes you  must aware of the specifications required.

The House cleaning tools are definitely an area where cheap does not necessarily mean operational effectiveness  or quality.

Attached, you will find a table with characteristics and performances of a wide range of products  that must be manufactured  and are associated with several house cleaning equipment.( see Base Polyner Properties)

Regardless of the style of broom: tube broom, strip broom, wafer broom, gutter broom; type and quality of  filament  ultimately affects sweeping effectiveness and broom life.

There is a market for expensive professional brooms that will last for ever and there is  also a market requests cheaper  brooms that can be replaced  often without spending too much.  STP meets both requirements with its wide range of filament production.




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