Bristles for cosmetic tools

  • Make-up filaments
  • Make-up filaments
  • Make-up Filaments

The  cosmetics market represents the  most demanding from the point of view of a  producer of filaments.
In fact all cosmetic tools or professional brushes have their own specific use and indeed they are specific according to cosmetic mixture or liquid, e.g.  for a wide range of  mascara, or make-up.

The market consists  of a set of small brushes of very different shapes from large fan, or small mascara brushes  ,  to small angled brushes.

Women are very demanding when it comes to brushes for their cosmetics, as the wrong kind of brush can alter the effect of their make-up. They are perfectly aware that there is the perfect brush for each kind of cosmetic whether it be eyes, skin or lips.  Our manufacturing expertise will enable us to customize bristles for each cosmetic or body care application.

The filaments for Cosmetics brushes range from a variety of different sections, materials, lengths colours level of stiffness, so they can guarantee soft and silky on top of filaments but they also guarantee bend recovery that will stand the test of time.

You can imagine that only a company with a cross competence and with a flexible production equipment can  meet all the specific requirements of the cosmetic market.




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