Quality Control

  • Run-Time processing Control
  • Filament mechanical characteristic Control
  • End-Line quality Control

Quality that stands the test of time “.

According to ISO 9001 2015 guidelines,  quality is reached by strict control of each and every internal process, in order to provide the standards of product and services that Clients expect.

Due to its own control of processes,  STP has set up a program for “no tolerance” of Conformity Complaints.

We are confident that real quality starts with a right selection and testing of raw  materials.

Furthermore STP, that is a ISO 9001 2015 certified Company,  to reach the highest standard of product quality and service has put in place the following steps.

  • Real-time and integrated Information System Production Lines Monitor
  • ERP integrated information system that manages all data concerning customer orders and accountability processes at all times
  • Tracking of each order batch
  • Stabilization of filaments mechanical characteristics throughout specific thermic processes at the end of production lines
  • Hand finishing and quality control
  • Customer oriented filament cutting service
  • Customized packaging to meet logistic and production  Customer requirements.


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